Zaldi have been making saddles for more than 100 years, through 4 generations of master saddle makers. The current range of Zaldi saddles are manufactured under the T + T brand, which stands for Tradition + Technology. Zaldi saddles are handmade using the best traditional methods, specialist craftsman and saddle makers in a purpose built factory in Salamanca, Spain.



LeMieux is Horse Health UK's own range of quality accessories. Boots (work, support, cross country, over reach), Bandages, Saddlecloths, Half Pads, Halters and much more. 


Pampeano, meaning from La Pampa, Argentina, where the cattle roam freely across beautiful estancias, is the birthplace of our business. We are highly regarded for our focus on quality and customer care. Whether purchasing polo belts, leather accessories or polo equipment we will do our utmost to suit your needs.


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