Sanjorge Two Tone

Deep seat, two toned dressage saddle.

Anatomic Panels are available as an optional extra. See the product description below for more information.
Manufacturer: Zaldi

A very deep and comfortable tree, this saddle allows maximum close contact horse-rider. New stirrup bar at an inclination 15% to get a correct position for rider. New ergonomic design (long flaps) with double knee pad to ride in 2 different positions. Mixed panel, waterproof antisweat wool and rubber latex to balance the horse's back. Long girth straps with 'V' system. Special flexible, elastic, durable leather is used to make this special saddle.

The Two Tone Sanjorge saddle is made of two colours, and is customisable, by choosing each colour in the two colour selection options.

An Anatomic Panel is an ergonomic panel specially designed for wide backed horses as it allows a greater mobility to the horse, a more free movement of the horse's back.

Anatomic Panels come as a complete set (supplied with the elastic 1st girth strap) and are available with any Zaldi Dressage order at an additional cost of $200.

To add to your order, simply select it "Yes" in the Anatomical Panel product option and your product total will be automatically added to your product price. To remove it (if selected) just change your selection to "No" and the cost will update again.

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